Since I started representing the Central Plains of Manitoba with my sash and crown, I have had many people tell me they had no idea pageants existed in Canada! It’s funny because there are many Miss Teen Canada pageants. The pageant I entered is formerly known as Miss Teen Canada- World and recently changed to Miss Teenage Canada. There are many competitions that use the name MISS TEEN CANADA but it is not the same company producing it. MTC-W produced pageant is the largest Canadian Teen competition closest to MISS TEEN USA.

Miss Teen Canada 2013

I entered the Miss Teenage Canada pageant because many people told me I could become a model but since I couldn’t go to any modeling schools since I live so far from the city, I could not. Then I found the Miss Teenage Canada pageant on Facebook and I talked to my parents about applying and I did. (

The original Miss Teen pageant started in 1969 and was called Miss Teenage Canada for the first three years and it was renamed Miss Teen Canada in 1972. The pageant was always held in Toronto and was televised on CTV. In 1990 the pageant was discontinued because of financial concerns. Pageants in Canada have changed and there isn’t just one Teen Canada pageant anymore.

Miss Teenage Canada formerly known, as Miss Teen Canada- World is the largest teen pageant in Canada, it is owned by MTC-W Inc. and is produced by Michelle Weswaldi. It is the only pageant to hold provincial pageants. The winner of Miss Teenage Canada gets

Jill Martin - Miss Teen Canada 2013

prize packages, gets to represent Canada at international competitions, to travel to Kenya to work with Free The Children, to be a model and celebrity, will be featured in magazines, TV, radio, Parades, red carpet events, get to travel around Canada, and more. MTC-W Inc. Develop opportunities for teenagers across the country, they teach future generations of Canadian women to be respectable young ladies. Contestants have the opportunity to grow and advance in their personal and career goals while acting in their community as a role model. The Miss Teenage Canada pageant has a celebrity-judging panel and celebrity hosts. This years judges are Maureen Fenn, Angeline McDonald, Gail McInnes, Matthew Collins, Chelsae Durocher, Sarah Fisher, Christina Cravero, and Belinda Kiriakou. The hosts this year are Luke Bylik, and Cynthia Loewen.

Luke Bylik, Miss Teen Canada 2012, Miss Teen Canada 2013, Gina Omilon

When I first entered this pageant I didn’t know what to expect! I have never been through an experience like this but once the provincial pageant was over, I went home with my crown and sash and my family asked me how my weekend went. I told them that I learned a lot of new things, I already felt more comfortable talking in front of a crowd and I am more confident. I learned many new skills like organization, interview skills and many more. I have been very busy with fundraising money for the charity Free The Children and searching for sponsorship. I volunteered at the MS walk in Portage and have another appearance at a fair this weekend. The pageant brought me many new opportunities and I have so much support, I am so thankful for this experience and I haven’t even gone to nationals yet! With my title I am representing my community and will be helping out at various community events. I will also be representing my platform, which is depression.

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