This past week was a blast! I had a hot dog sale on monday and raised over 500$ for Free The Children! I had a lot of people that came to help me out and make my job way easier, thanks guys it means a lot! I’m so happy that i have so many people to support me! 🙂 I wasn’t expecting the help I received but I’m glad I did!

On Wednesday I had a pancake breakfast at school for Free The Children as well! It was really well done and I had a lot of help from many people that were willing to go to school early to start cooking pancakes! It was fun and the pancakes were delicious!

None of these events would have happened with out the donation from Shop Easy Foods who supplied most of the food for both events. Thank you to everyone who made these events possible! 🙂

On Friday I went to the city to take pictures with my crown with Chantel, even though the weather wasn’t the best she still managed to take amazing pictures! to check them out go to her Facebook page at The pictures are amazing! Thanks Chantel! 🙂


As fundraising for Free The Children is going really well, I have been spending a lot of time seeking sponsorship! With out sponsors I would not have this opportunity to go to Toronto in July. I would like to thank everyone for supporting me as I reign my title Miss Teenage Central Plains Manitoba.

A Big Thanks To:
  • Notre Dame Sandblasting
  • Gaultier Portable Toilet Rentals
  • Andy & Wendy’s Drive inn
  • All Kleen Septic Services
  • Gravier Collet Gravel
  • Notre Dame Florist
  • Louis Dreyfus
  • Clasina Muller
  • Lorraine and Allen Grenier
  • Lippens Family



Written by: Natasha

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